Revealed Ministries - Briana Nei

Steps to Overcoming Anxiety Through the Love of Jesus Part 1

April 19, 2020

Today's Podcast was recorded in November of 2019 at the Freedom Gathering of Revealed Ministries. In part 2, Briana shares practical and powerful truths from scripture on how to begin to walk out of anxiety. This is the beginning of a very thorough teaching series from the weekend including how to close open doors of abuse and personal pain that can increase fear and anxiety. Briana also teaches how forgiveness releases the authority of God into our lives and what the difference is between dealing with fear in a spiritually healing way, as opposed to just "managing" pain. Learn how to gain revelation into the love of Jesus and his ability to deliver us from anxiety and what to do if you don't "feel" the love of God. Get a paper and pen, because you don't want to forget these ministry-tested and biblically sound timeless truths to overcoming fear. 

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