Revealed Ministries - Briana Nei

Steps to Overcoming Anxiety - The Nuts and Bolts of Finding Freedom Part 2

April 19, 2020

This podcast is for the person who needs a very practical, step by step, Biblical and Christ-centered approach to walking out of anxiety.This is the second session from the Freedom Gathering in November 2019. Briana teaches on "R's" of Freedom and gives a plan of attack on how to "tend your garden" for spiritual renewal. 

1. Revelation from the Holy Spirit (Reveal the root)

2. Recognize the root of your anxiety

3. Release and forgive those who have injured you

4. Repent of known and unknown sin

5. Renounce (2 Corinthians 4:2) A verbal declaration renouncing lies 

6. Renew and Rebuild what has been desolate for generations

7. Rebuke Satan

8. Refill - Don't leave the house empty. Refill with the Holy Spirit and truth!

9. Regenerate - Healing "Lord, regenerate, heal and bring life to the parts of my emotions, soul and spirit that were wounded." 


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