Revealed Ministries - Briana Nei

Overcoming Rejection and Unforgiveness - Jennifer Milbourn’s Testimony

March 25, 2020

Listen to abortion survivor Jennifer Milbourn share at Emmaus Church's March 15, 2020 service. This is the last session in the Overcomer Conference and the last public worship service Emmaus Church held before the government ban on groups over 10 people. Jennifer shares about her journey in discovering she is an abortion survivor and talks about the goodness of God in healing her through her relationship with Jesus Christ over the years that followed. 

You may hear discussion during the service about the church still meeting, but this was before the conditions escalated quickly and the government issued a ban on services. Emmaus Church currently live streams their services and Bible studies through Youtube and Zoom. You may follow Revealed Ministries on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Also, learn more at

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